Krueger's North Shore

Solo Exhibition: “The Landscape and the Material,” Hudson River Museum, NY, 1979-80, fabric work (110 x 90″): satin, silk voile, moire taffeta, cotton, velvet, (Review: NY Times, by Vivien Raynor; collection of Agnes Gund).
This series of fabric works is based on watercolors. I translated the process of watercolor painting: transparent washes (layers of silk voile), the use of watery satins, or the shape of a paint shape created in fabric. The enlarged results (approximately 8 feet long) hang as shallow reliefs. Close up, they are tactile fabric shapes, while from a distance they read as deep, landscape space. I thought that craft-or “women’s work”-such as found in Americana quilts, and fine art were not divided (in spite of the aura of utility in the fabric pieces). Richard Krushalek, Director of the Hudson River Museum, agreed and exhibited this group of eight fabric works.

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