[NOTES: on recent art works, by Susan Austad, an artist living and working in New York City, NY]
While working on a Master’s Degree in Venice, Italy, I was inspired by carved, marble landscapes (reliefs) in the Gesuati Church on the Zattere; I created monochromatic works that focused on organic volumes. I thought of basic structures in nature.

The wire and paper mache works (lit from within) suggest a presence but not a specific place. Structural material (wire mesh) becomes surface. The pieces look hand-crafted, and through the slow process, forms are transposed to meditations on volume, surface and light. Surfaces are illuminated and dissolved. The “Tempano” and “Fuego” works are divided above and below a surface.

Industrial and scratchy materials are transposed into an environment that looks, soft, shimmering and organic. The pieces are ephemeral or becoming (evoking “change”-the consistent law of nature).